Badlands Gran Fondo

You start the event at the Badlands Community centre which is about 300m east of the world’s largest dinosaur.

PLEASE NOTE: The first of 5 aid stations is prior to boarding the ferry.  If you are racing for your own personal best or think you will not finish the course before the cut off time, please do not spend much time here but GET ON THE FERRY sooner rather than later so that you are not too stressed if there is a bit of a backlog waiting to cross. There is a second aid station on the other side of the ferry approximately 20 km after the crossing, so don’t worry – you can eat and drink there!

We fully expect that there will be a line up to get on the ferry, but rest assured that Paul, the friendly ferry operator, will do everything he can to get as many people over in as short a time as possible.  It is a 10 minute round trip, so just relax and enjoy the scenery.  There is a short steep grade getting off the ferry so make sure you are in your easiest gear before you get to the other side.

The organizers give you  8.5 hours to complete the distance. Course closes for EVERYONE at 4:30 p.m.  If you have not finished by that time please be prepared to ride in the sag wagon.

REMEMBER, THIS IS NOT A RACE. Having said that … if you have a GPS and an account on Strava, please feel free to share your statistics on our FaceBook page for others to see.

All riding distances are approximate, we have tried to get you as close to riding 50/75/140 km but based on the routes chosen, especially for the 50 and 75 km, it is sometimes difficult to be exact. Rest assured if you are riding the Gran Fondo you will ride the full 100 miles/162 km (based on our GPS). We know how you hate to be short-changed!

LUNCH – provided by Fresh Kitchen Catering beginning at 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.  WE WILL NOT RUN OUT OF FOOD!



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