RBC GranFondo Banff

Welcome to GranFondo CanadaBanff

This blog post is for information only, and is from the GranFondo Canada website.

Imagine for one day, the best possible cycling roads are closed to traffic. Before you is an epic route with challenging climbs and thrilling descents. All you have to do is concentrate on the beauty around you. You’re feeling fit and you’re lined up for an exciting ride with a group of fellow cyclists. It’s not a race, so there’s no pressure. You can ride whatever pace you want. And no matter what pace you choose, you’re not likely riding alone. There will be a fast bunch at the front if you want to keep up with them and you can count on local spectators cheering along the way. The scenery is better than you would see in a magazine. The ride ends with a well-earned massage and a party, and everyone’s invited.

This is the GranFondo Canada experience.

GranFondo Canada introduced the first world-class gran fondo to Canada in 2010 with the RBC GranFondo Whistler, giving cyclists the unique opportunity to ride fully supported from Vancouver to Whistler on the Sea to Sky highway in a dedicated lane. We are now introducing this “Big Ride” experience to world renowned locations across the country. Count on GranFondo Canada to be in the best locations providing the best cycling experience.

Welcome to RBC GranFondo Banff

Pack your helmet, shoes and bike and get yourself to Banff for the RBC GranFondo Banff. This is your chance to ride the only gran fondo in North America that is fully contained within the boundaries of a national park. Starting and finishing in the beautiful mountain town of Banff, the 150 km route will take you into the heart of the Rockies to experience the cultural heritage and awe-inspiring nature of Banff National Park. A true destination event in one of Canada’s most scenic locations. Connect intimately with the natural and cultural heritage and the majestic scenery of this Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site.


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