Fort McMurray Bike Park Update

Bike Park Update

Hello all. This is for those who use the new bike park that was built last year by the RMWB. The park is a legacy project of the 2015 Western Canada Games. Spring is coming and we need your help.

The RMWB is not finished with building the park. The intent is for the RMWB to build the basic structure of the park and let the users take over the year to year maintenance like the Birchwood trails that the ski club maintains in the winter.

Everyone has an opinion of what to do with the park. The Wood Buffalo Cycling Club along with the RMWB would like to have a user’s group meeting with those interested in helping to establish a park society. This park society will to help establish park rules, organizing the maintenance of the trails and establishing new ones. With the potential for establishing group rides and other events for the trails.

If you ride the trails on a regular basis, like to mountain bike and want to meet other who share your interests in the sport. This meeting is for you. Currently we are trying to plan a meeting for everyone interested sometime next week as the snow is almost gone and the trails are drying up, now is a good time to ask for feedback and support on how the park is going to be use now and in to the future .

We have a planned meeting to disccuss the future development scheduled for this Sunday April 17th at the East Village Pub at 2 pm. lots of parking for your bike. Hope to see you there.




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