2017 Club Events Schedule

Welcome to our 2017 club events information page. We have an exciting season lined up for both club and non-club members. Of course, club members get perks such as free entry for workshops and discounts on race entry fees.

Want to become a WBCC member?  CLICK HERE to sign up online.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the times and dates are subject to change without notice. Club events are also posted on the WBCC group facebook. JOIN GROUP HERE.

2017 WBCC RACE (still being planned, dates and times are subject to change as nothing is set, yet).

This year, we working on plans to host a race.  We will update this page with more information soon, but this is what we have in the works.

Club members – $10 entry fee.
Non-club members – $20 entry fee.

Date Time Location
September Little Fisheries


We have 3 Toonie Sprints planned for club members. Pure social fun. Short, hard, fast sprints to take place in different locations.

Club members only – $2 entry fee with a random draw for half the pot!

Date Time Location
Thursday, June 15 7 – 8 PM Fox Trail in Birchwood
Thursday, July 6 7 – 8 PM Meet at Ross Hennigar parking lot for sprints in the Silin Forest Bike Park
Thursday, August 24 7 – 8 PM Wolverines Singletrack


Workshops are a great way to help our club members develop cycling skills, fitness, and confidence.  We are happy to provide these workshops FREE for our members. Non-members will have to pay a fee, listed in details below.

Workshop Date/Time Location/Non-member $
Basic Bike Maintenance for Women Thurs, May 25, 10:30 AM
Tues, May 30, 6:30 PM
Tammy’s backyard, 151 Silvanus Crescent. $30 for non-members.
Intro to MTB for Women Thurs, June 1, 10:30 AM
Tues, June 6, 6:30 PM
Meet by Doug Barnes cabin on the Birchwood Trails. $40 for non-members.
Basic Bike Maintenance for Kids Saturday, June 3, 10 AM Tammy’s backyard, 151 Silvanus Crescent. $20 for non-members.
Pump Track Clinic Members only! Saturday, June 17, 11 AM Vista Ridge, Saprae Creek

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